MTN Bushfire is a conscious and conscientious festival held in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect.

Our first priority is your care and safety, so don’t hesitate to approach anyone with a “Crew” T-shirt for assistance.

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MTN Bushfire’s priority is maintaining the health and safety of the festivalgoers, artists, staff, and communities around the festival. To this end, a number of important Covid-19-related health and safety measures have been instituted. Valid proof of full vaccination (a “vaccination certificate”) is required to enter the festival. Please go to the vaccination certificate verification stand prior to getting your wristband.

The fresh air and outdoor nature of MTN Bushfire is a big safety feature in itself! Our Covid Safety planning and protocols have been independently assessed and certified by global health and safety experts from Eyethu Events, based in South Africa, who will be monitoring Covid Safety compliance and coordinating safety measures for us at the festival.


A: Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians with an ambulance are always on site. Their tents can be found behind and to the side of the Global Food Village. Emergency contact numbers will be available on the big information screens around the festival as well as from the Info Stand.

A: Yes. A designated Covid medical team with Covid-testing equipment and an isolation tent will be on-site at the festival. If you are experiencing serious ‘flu-like symptoms, please check in with them for immediate testing.

A: You can ask anyone with a “Crew” T-shirt and a radio for help at any time. If you don’t need urgent assistance, you can find most information available from the friendly staff at the Info Stand, just next to the Global Food Village entrance.

A: The Info stand is situated by the entrance to the Global Food Village and is marked by a large sign. Here, you can get directions, report or recover lost property and ask for the assistance of any sort, including emergency police or medical help.

A: The Info Stand will help with lost property. Lost items get lonely and need their homes; if you find lost property, please hand it to the friendly staff at the Info Stand immediately, and they will care for it until it can be restored to their owners.

A: If you experience a crime of any sort, please report it to the police promptly. The police tent is situated behind the Global Food Village. Ask at the Info Stand or ask any member of the Festival Crew to help you find it.

A: MTN Bushfire does not condone the use of drugs. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as anywhere else in Eswatini. It is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs. It is also illegal to buy or drink alcohol if you are under 18 years of age. However, we want you to know that our first priority is to take care of you. If you or a friend get sick or consume too much alcohol, please ask for assistance from crew or medical personnel right away, and always be honest with medical personnel about what you have consumed.